Earth & Environmental Dynamics


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Our first Use Case will be covered by three pilots focused on different terrestrial environments: Coastal Waters Dynamics, Earth Critical Zones, and Volcano Space Observatory, with specific targets, all based on integrated data from water, soil, air, and biotic resources. All Pilots have different aims but comparable challenges, including multidisciplinary data integration, monitoring and modelling of dynamic spatio-temporal data.



Coastal Water Dynamics Pilot:

Po river

In the coastal marine environment, near river estuaries, important processes such as the evolution of plankton blooms or the transport and fate of nutrients, carbon, and contaminants take place and depend critically on many factors, including river discharge, ocean circulation, meteorological conditions and biogeochemical processes in the water column. This Pilot focuses on the region where the Po river discharges into the northern Adriatic Sea, and where these processes play a key role on fish stocks and have an effect on the quality of the ecosystem of coastal waters which in turn impacts socio-economic activities, for the whole North Adriatic Sea.

Current limitations and needs There are currently many datasets for the coastal domain whose formats and aggregation status vary widely. Present analysis and visualization systems deal with single datasets at a time, making data connections and correlations between datasets difficult.

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Data & Repositories Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC); EMODnet Physics SeaDataNet Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS); EMODnet Chemistry; World Ocean Database Satellite-based plankton functional group data; Modeling output.
Analytical Services webODV for multidisciplinary data analysis and visualization; DIVAnd for spatial and temporal interpolations; SOURCE for model/data intercomparison.
FAIR-EASE impacts The project is expected to facilitate seamless access to multiple datasets (rivers, satellite, water column, models) and to provide new ways of dataset connections and correlations.




Earth Critical Zone planning and management Pilot

earth critical zone

This Pilot focuses on analysing and visualising Earth Critical Zone (ECZ) information required for the assessment of land and soil degradation such as erosion, loss of organic matter and soil biodiversity, compaction, salinization, landslides, contamination, sealing, desertification and climate change.The main interest of this Pilot will be to implement connections between data resources and analytical strategies in different environmental frameworks. This is the case for coastal erosion which affects the ECZ and coastal groundwater dynamics and soil salinization. 

Current limitations and needs Lacking awareness and data integration as well as suitable operational services. This pilot is still lacking a supporting platform for scientists to integrate and compute across data types and scales.

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Data & Repositories ESDAC (JRC); EUSO (Lucas); Sentinel – Copernicus; ESM – Copernicus; LANDSUPPORT ECZ dataset; Regional and National ECZ repository (e.g. ISPRA, Regione Campania).
Analytical Services VRE for ECZ.
FAIR-EASE impacts FAIR-EASE is expected to facilitate the way to handle land degradation processes also in view of integration of data across scales and approaches (e.g. satellite, in-situ).




Volcano Space Observatory Pilot

volcano from space

This Pilot focuses on the need of a web interface capable of interactively aggregating satellite observations from the Solid Earth and Atmospheric communities for the benefit of volcanic observatories and scientists. Supporting the implementation of innovative web services developed in the project, the interest is to design the implementation of an interface displaying a range of complementary data relevant to the nearreal-time monitoring of volcanic activity.

Current limitations and needs No platform currently allows to seamlessly and jointly exploring satellite data from both the Solid Earth and Atmospheric communities. Lack of a supporting platform allowing for the joint analysis of crucial near-real-time indicators.

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Data & Repositories Repository of a vast panel of atmospheric data from AERIS (Atmosphere); Repository of raw Sentinel data from CNES (PEPS infrastructure); Repository of Solid Earth data and services from ForM@Ter (Solid Earth) (GDM-SAR, DSM-OPT, Flatsim).
Analytical Services Volcano Space Observatory – VRE and visualization.
FAIR-EASE impacts The project is expected to speed the development and the integration of the “Volcano Space Observatory” web service.